While planning to give a gift for a girl think what she likes jewelry, games, clothes or any other accessories.Remember the likes and dis likes when selecting a gifts for birthdays for girls. For teenage girls trendy rings, an electronic device like a mobile or a digital camera, some creative items, branded beauty cosmetics, perfumes, updated shoes suits more perfectly. If she is a person who cares much for brand names then you must be choosy.You can give something related to her hobby and interests or the thing she is longing to buy. Watches in different shapes and color are available you can pick the latest fashion.The gift you give should bring her happiness and satisfaction, So you can consult her friends about the birthday gift.Sometime simple things work well like a bunch of red roses with delighting fragrance.You can make a gift of your own like jewelry or any cute crafts, a hand painted portrait etc... will remember you always. If she is interested in traveling gift her the travel accessories like suitcase, cabin bags, passport wallets etc... Gift books that inspires, by her favorite author, subject book would be more useful and stationery items.If she is a sports person present the sports equipment and sport accessories.Enroll her in the fitness club to maintain the fitness till her next birthday.You can give a photo album to bring back her memories.Accessories to decorate her room would be an interesting gift.